You can perform the logo addition procedure through Alpemix.exe program. The logo you add shall be displayed in AlpemixCM and AlpemixCMX program. For this feature, your company should have at least 1 pro user right.

As seen in the above picture, you can load your logo and company message onto the system through the form which appears after you click Logo button. Logo file can be in .jpg format with a size of 200x100. The file size cannot exceed 20 KB


As seen in the above picture, the logo area and meeting message area is blank when AlpemixCM.exe is first run.
Your customer enters into the program with your company name, the user name and password which you had identified.


After your customer enters once, he sees the logo and meeting message, which is identified by you, on his screen anytime he operates the program. It is seen in the above picture. When you change the logo and the meeting message on the system, the logo and the meeting message that appears on your customer’s screen change on the second entry of your customer into the system.

When I first run it, is it possible to fill “company user name” area automatically?

Yes, this is possible. Let’s assume our company user name is Teknopars. We changed the name of the file AlpemixCM.exe as TeknoparsCM.exe. Even if the program is run for the first time on a computer, the computer opens up with the name Teknopars written in the company user name area.

How can I integrate it into my own software?

You can directly run AlpemixCM.exe from your own software or you can run it by sending parameters.

Sending the company user name as a parameter:  ....( '...\AlpemixCM.exe Teknopars', ... )

Sending the user name as a parameter:  ....( '...\AlpemixCM.exe Teknopars xx4', ... )

Sending all the other values as a parameter:  ....( '...\AlpemixCM.exe Teknopars xx4 PSW', ... )    As the final parameter, you can send the user password, which you had configured previously. When AlpemixCM is called with three parameters, it is immediately logged in into the system.