You will log into the Alpemix.exe program with your registered user name and save your logo file and opening message using the add logo part.


Switch the name of the file "AlpemixCMX.exe” to “Company user nameCMX.exe and deliver it to your customers. For example, if your registered company user name is Teknopars, the name of the file “AlpemixCMX.exe” is switched to “TeknoparsCMX.exe” and then delivered to the customers.

Hence, the program operated by your customers starts with the logo and openning message added by you.


You can perform the logo addition procedure through Alpemix.exe program. The logo you add shall be displayed in AlpemixCM and AlpemixCMX program. For this feature, your company should have at least 1 pro user right.

As seen in the above picture, you can load your logo and company message onto the system through the form which appears after you click Logo button. Logo file can be in .jpg format with a size of 200x100. The file size cannot exceed 20 KB


As it can be seen in the above picture, when AlpemixCMX is run for the first time on a computer, a screen requesting “Company User Name” opens up. Your customer enters the name of your company for only once. In the following runs this screen does not appear again. If you are integrating AlpemixCMX into your own software, you can even provide that this screen, which requests company name, not to appear eve in the first run.

This operation is made only once for each computer, however, it may be difficult to explain this to many users. Is there any other solution for this?

Yes, with a simple setting, you can also provide that the above mentioned screen not to appear. You can change the file name AlpemixCMX.exe as appropriately and distribute the file to your customers this way and overcome this problem. Change the file name so that your company user name appears on the left of the expression of ‘CMX.exe’ in the file name. For example, let our company user name be Teknopars. Then we are changing the name of the file as TeknoparsCMX.exe. When we run this file, the program takes your user name automatically from the exe name and prevents the appearance of the above screen. If you are operating AlpemixCMX.exe by a parameter pass by integrating it into your own software, then you don’t need to apply this step.


If the screen which requests company name is passed by cancel or if the company written does not have any logo identification (or the company does not have any pro user right), then AlpemixCMX program opens up as explained above.


If it is logged in after filling the screen which requests the company user name and if the logo of the company logged in is identified, then AlpemixCMX program opens up as explained above. When the company name is entered once, AlpemixCMX program opens up directly as explained above. When you change the logo and the welcome message, the logo and the welcome message in AlpemixCMX program, which is used by your users, change in the following run.

* If you want to integrate AlpemixCMX program into your own software and if you don’t want the screen, which requests the company user name, to appear when you first run AlpemixCMX program, the operation you should apply is very simple. It is sufficient to give your company user name as the parameter when calling AlpemixCMX.exe from your software.  ....( '...\AlpemixCMX.exe Teknopars', ... )

* If you do not want to take Id and password through telephone each time, then you can determine a ‘Group Password’ and enable your customers to login into your list just with one click. You can also easily integrate this into your own software. Click for illustrated explanation