How Alpemix is used in the computers which do not have internet connection in the company?

You may have a network which is closed to outside. Or you might have denied the internet access of the computers in the network. You can use Alpemix in such a system too. However, it is required that you should have 1 computer with internet access in the same network. And the local ip address of this computer should be static ip address.

You download AlpemixProxy.exe program to the computer with internet access and you run it.

You don't need to make other settings in this computer.

Afterwards, when you run Alpemix on the other computers in the network, you click 'local Server' option on the operation mode screen which appears on the screen. You make the following operation only for 1 time for all the computers in your network.

As it is shown in the above pictures, we write the local ip address of the computer, on which Alpemix program is run, on the screen which comes after you click 'Local Server' button. In this example, the local ip address of the computer with internet access is taken as ''. Afterwards, you continue by clicking 'Ok' button. This operation is made only once on each computer.

When Alpemix is rerun on the computer on which this setting is realized, the connection is automatically established over the local ip given. For the problem-free operation, AlpemixProxy program should be running and this computer on which AlpemixProxy is running should have an internet connection. The local ip address entered in the computers on the network should be the local ip address of this computer with internet connection.

This way, you can use all the features of Alpemix program as problem-free on your computers on the network without internet connection. These computers shall also take the version updates as problem-free.


Question / Answer

- How can I cancel this local ip, which I entered for trial purposed?

You click on the 'Local Server' button on the 'Operation Mode' screen which appears on the screen when you run Alpemix. You delete the ip address appearing on the screen and then click on the 'Ok' button.


- Is it possible to connect to Alpemix, which was operated this way, from any computer with an internet connection outside the company?

Yes connection can be established. However, one-to-one connection cannot be established between this computer on the network and the computer on the internet. Since the communication shall be established over Alpemix servers, the connection speed may be slow.


- In this system, isn't the communication of the computers on the network with each other slow?

When the computers on the network connect to each other through Alpemix, one-to-one connection is established over the local network. So, the connection shall be very fast


- Although I entered the correct settings, the computers on the network cannot connect to the main server.

The security software on the computer on which AlemixProxy program is run should be controlled. Some security software may not allow the local connections. The firewalls of some antivirus programs may block without reporting an error. It might be required that such software should be set up so that they do not block on the computer on which AlpemixProxy is operated.


- What does AlpemixProxy program actually do? Which ports does it use?

AlpemixProxy program makes ip and port routing. It routes the connection request received from the local to Alpemix main servers. It listens to Tcp 5901, 5902, 80, 443 ports. In order to route the connection to Alpemix main server, it listens to 5901, 5902, 80, 443 ports. In order to download the new version of Alpemix software from the web page, it listens to port 5902. For example; the request of take the new version from the address is received by the port 5902 from the local. This request is routed to 80 port.