Why can't be reached some screens?



If Alpemix has been run without authorization on the pc which you connected, you get these alert message. So, you can not access these screens.This is not particular situation for Alpemix.Every software has the same condition.

There are 3 possibility, when you get these screens.


1- When Alpemix works without Windows User Access:

Some of operating systems give you a screen which asks for access (Above picture). If you click on "Yes", after connection remote desktop you can reach all of screens without any problem or alert screen. Otherwise, clicking "No", Alpemix asks same question again. After that,if answer will be "No", Alpemix keeps working on remote computer but you may not reach some of screens( If you connect to this computer remotely ). You get alert message !


2- If Windows user name has not Administrator Access:

If Windows operating system started with a user which has not admin authority, when you connect to this computer remotely you can not access some screens.

For computers whose windows username is not authorized, install Alpemix Service application. In this case, you can reach all the screens when remotely connected.

Click for detailed information about Alpemix Service application.


3- If Windows Remote Desktop is being used:

If you connected remote desktop via Windows Remote Desktop application After connection you run "Alpemix" in that server which is you connected. At the same time you want to connect that remote desktop with Alpemix. Also Alpemix connected remote desktop. ( For now 2 screen connected on remote desktop. alpemix user and Windows Remote Desktop ) In this situation, if Windows Remote Desktop window minimize "Windows Remote Desktop" application, Alpemix can not display anymore.

On the other hand, Windows Remote Desktop has been closed by "Disconnect" button, it means session continue for running but screen and  keyboard deactive anymore. Also, Alpemix can not screen from remote desktop.

For this reason, Alpemix should not used with "Windows Remote Desktop" application. Instead of running these 2 application ( Windows Remote Desktop and Alpemix ) simultaneously, should be downloaded Alpemix Service
for your server. Thus, Alpemix allows to be able to establish connection.

Click for detailed information about Alpemix Service application.