Additional settings

* I would like to access a computer even if it is unattended.

* Let a user in a computer be connected only with a temporary password.

* Let a computer not be connected with only an IP address I have specified.

* Let the other employees connect to a computer in common use with a password but let them only monitor it or let all kinds of actions be made except the file transfer.

* Alpemix program is running in a computer in common use. I have specified an access password to this computer and communicated it to all my employees. Let 1 person be connected to this computer simultaneously. Let me see this busy status automatically when a person is connected. When the connected person is out, let it be online again automatically. I would like to run 10 computers that 1 person can connect simultaneously in this way.

Let's talk about the necessary setting to meet such needs.

What is temporary password?

First of all, let us talk about what a temporary password is. In order to connect to the computers of the users you see online on your list, you send an invitation through the private message part. You can establish connection if the opposite side accepts this invitation. The user name you identified in a computer is online but this computer is unattended. Therefore there is nobody to accept when you send an invitation. In this case, you can establish connection whenever you want from another computer with a password you identified previously in that computer. You can do this with the temporary password.


I access with the user name I have identified from the computer I want to have continuous access. I click the key icon in the upper right corner. In the window opening I identify my access password and click the 'Ok' button and now I can access this computer anytime I want by using the access password I have identified.

I am getting to another computer and I access with one of my other user names. As seen in the above illustration, I accessed with my user name 'Teknopars' and I see the other computer as online on my list. I double click on the user name representing this computer.


I click the lock icon on the upper right corner of the opened window. When I type the access password I specified to the incoming window, I can connect to this computer automatically. Free users can also use the temporary access password. Other than this, in order to reach the extra settings, the company must have at least 1 pro user right. The extra details are mentioned below.

Extra Settings in Temporary Password


I get to the computer I have specified access password again and I click the key icon in the upper right corner of the list. There are two options seen under the password part. I can provide the password I specified to be saved with password to that computer due to these options. Therefore when the program is run again in that computer, the settings become online automatically with the settings as ready. In order to reach the extra settings we will mention, one of these two options must be selected and saved. We select one of these options and click the 'Ok' button.

Then we click the key icon again and the 'Settings' button is displayed on the screen. We click this button and reach the settings window. First, I must provide the access to the current user in this computer with only the temporary password. When the option in the second illistration is checked, the other options below appear.

I can make all the settings mentioned in the top part of the text, thanks to this screen. If I leave as above and save the settings, this computer can only be accessed with temporary password. Connection can not be made even if the ID and the password are known. However, it must be kept in mind that these settings are only valid in that computer and the current user name. If accessed from the same computer with different user name, these settings will not be valid.


I made all the settings and saved. If one of the options shown above is canceled and saved in another time, the other settings I made will be disabled.

The settings seen in the previous illustration are quite clear and easy to apply. Therefore they will not be mentioned in details. The option providing 1 person to be connected to a computer simultaneously is mentioned below as an example.

Computer in common use

I identified a temporary password in a computer I provided for common use. I transmitted this password to all of my colleagues. 1 employee will connect to this computer simultaneously and only the IP addresses I have specified will be connected with the access password. The ''Super Authorities'' will not be affected from this IP limitation. File transfer will not be made when this computer is connected. When a person is connected to this computer, I will see the computer in busy status. When the computer is idle, I would like to see it in online status again. We can make all these with the following sample setting.

We made these settings in a computer for the user XX1. We are testing it.

I can not send private message to the user XX1 I see online in the list. I can not send invitation to make maintenance by using the invitation options. I can only use the temporary password. When I type the temporary password by clicking the lock icon, it does not let me connect with the access password since my internet output IP address is not specified in that computer.


When a user is connected to this computer, I see the user Xx1 busy in my list. I receive the above warning message when I try to reach with access password while it is in busy status.