IP Address Limitation in In-House Use:

You want your employees using the Alpemix program only communicate with the in-house computers. You do not want a connection with Alpemix from a computer inside the company to a computer outside the company or from a computer outside the company to a computer inside the company. It is possible to make this if your company has at least 1 pro user right.


What is the Working Logic?

One user of 'IP Limiter' type is added to the system. The internet output IP is saved in the main servers of that computer from which the access is made with this user name. When a user with the same IP address with the saved IP address wants to communicate with any Alpemix user, the main server will compare the IP addresses of these two users. If not the same, it will not permit them to communicate.

When the system is accessed through an in-house computer with the 'IP Limiter' user, the internet output IP of that company is kept in the limited IPs list in the main server. The internet output IP of any other computer inside the company will also be the same. IP address saved in the main server list and a computer with the same internet output IP can only communicate with a computer having the same IP.

What must be done if the company has more than one different Internet output? For example, A and B network may reach internet from different lines. In this case, 2 'IP Limiter' users must be identified. Access must be made with any computer in A network with the first user. Access must be made with any computer in B network with the second user. By this means, the computers in A and B networks can communicate with each other and the 2 IP addresses saved in the system with 'IP Limiter' users are used by the main server for the comparisons. Let the IP address saved in the system with the first 'IP Limiter' user be IP1. Let the IP address saved in the system with the second 'IP Limiter' user be IP2. In this case, the user with the internet output IP address IP1 can only communicate with the users whose IP addresses are IP1 or IP2.



Alpemix program is accessed with the main user name through the 'Registered Access' section. When the mouse is brought onto the red icon available in the upper right part of the list screen, the message in the above illustration appears on the screen.


When this icon is clicked, it notifies that the 'IP Limiter' user has not been identified before. Firstly we will identify the 'IP Limiter' user.

We click the green icon (add user icon) on the right side of the 'Authorities' group title. We select the 'IP Limiter' option from the top of the form opening and we give any name to the user name part. We click the ''Create'' button after also specifying its password.


The user with the 'Ipblocker1' name has been added to the 'Authorities' group. When we click the red icon on the upper right part again now, we will see the above message. Now we access from any computer in our company with the user name we have identified.


We press the 'Registered Access' button from the Alpemix program. We click the ''Access'' button by typing the main user name, the user name we identified and the password. As soon as we access, the internet output IP address is added to the limited IP addresses list in the main server.


When we press the red icon in the upper part of the list window, the window shown in the above illustration opens. We can see to what IP addresses the limitations are applied from this form. All users in 'Authorities' group can reach this form. Every time the system is accessed with the 'Ipblocker1' user name we identified, the internet output IP address is automatically compared with the previously notified IP address. If there is a change, the last value will be valid.

We can prevent the users in the 'Authorities' group from being affected by this limitation or we can also permit the 'Super Authorities' in 'Authorities' group to communicate with the computers outside the company. Only the users in 'Super Authority' type can make this setting. In order to do this, we access the system with our main user name. then we click the red icon in the upper part of the list window.

When we press the red icon on the list form by accessing with the main user name, the above form id displayed on the screen. We click the ''Change'' button in the lower part of the form. As seen above, the 'Settings' form is displayed on the screen. From here we click the 'Change' button by selecting the ''Super authorities application'' option. Thus, we prevent the application of the IP address limitation to the users in 'Super Authority' type. You can also find out the internet output IP address of the computer you use with the above 'IP address' button. You can check whether the value communicated to the system with 'Ipbloker1' is updated or not by comparing with the IP address in the top list.

In order to check whether the setting we made is working or not, we run Alpemix from any computer in the company. We can also test whether they are connected to each other or not by running Alpemix from a computer outside the company.

We are trying to connect to a computer outside the company and the above error screen appears.


Question / Answer:

- Is it sufficient to access the system once from a computer in the company with the 'IP Limiter' user name?

If the internet output IP of your company is static, 1 time access is sufficient. If the IP address is changing when the devices providing access to internet are shut off and on again, the system must be accessed again with 'IP Limiter' user name in every change. In order to do this automatically, access is made from a computer with 'IP Limiter' user and this computer is should continuously be open. When the internet line is disconnected, this user is disconnected from the system, too and the program automatically tries to connect to the system again in certain time intervals. When it succeeds to connect, the new IP address is also communicated to the system or if the IP change is not frequent due to the reasons such as the shut off of the devices providing internet access, the users in 'Authorities' group can carry out controls in certain time intervals by using the 'IP address' button.

- For example can a user I added to the ''My Colleagues'' group can access to the system with the user name and password from outside the company?

He can access the system as user and be online. He can communicate with his other friends inside the company. However, he can not establish connection to a computer for support, presentation or file transfer etc.

- How can I cancel the IP limitations?

The system is accessed with the main user name or 'Super Authority' user name. 'IP Limiter' user name is right clicked and this user is deleted. The limitations are removed when it is deleted. If more than one 'IP Limiter' user is identified, the same action is applied to all of them.

- 'What should I take into account while accessing the system with IP Limiter' user name?

Access from a computer outside the company must not be made. The last notified IP address must be checked whether it is valid or not. If there is more than one internet output, an 'IP Limiter' user must be identified for each output and access must be made by each from a computer using a different internet output.

- I would like to apply the IP limitation to only one computer and I want many options to be provided in access settings.

You can make such settings with the temporary access password. It provides many detailed options.

- Some computers inside the company have no internet access. Can Alpemix be used in these computers?

Click for illustrated explanation.