Alpemix is a program that provides the access of a computer(or mobile device) to another one via internet and obtains all kinds of operations or presentations on that computer. In a nutshell, Alpemix is a remote access program. Using Alpemix is due to the terms mentioned below and by using Alpemix you are deemed to accept these terms. All or some of these terms may be changed wholly or partially by Teknopars Bilişim Teknolojileri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.


Copying, operating, re-operating, transmitting original or reproduced copies to the public; selling, delivering or transmitting by any means, removing paid or free products from the market of Alpemix or any kinds of rights related to Alpemix, that have not been mentioned here, belongs to Teknopars Bilişim Teknolojileri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

You should use Alpemix in the way our Company has introduced to you and treating it by reverse engineering or by any other means, operating it in a different way or violating any rights mentioned above is subject to legal sanctions.

Alpemix is a free program but there are some restrictions to the use of free version and there may be some applications such as advertisement, promotion and alike. Besides, the free version may be removed or subject to an additional limitation or application without a warning/announcement, or it may become liable to a fee.

Utilization of the Program:

This program obtains two or more computers(or mobile devices) that run it to perform a transaction or presentation over each other via internet.

A number shall appear on the program screen while it is working on your computer. When you pass this number to the person whom you want to make a transaction or presentation on your computer, this/these person(s) shall be able to make all kinds of transactions or presentations on your computer concurrently.

All computers that are parties of this communication should be operating Alpemix and should have an active internet connection to be able to realize these transactions. In case the internet connection or the program (Alpemix) is terminated, the communication shall also be terminated.


Although the personal information and the interchanges such as data and file between the parties who are using the program are recorded, the information on the hardware components of your computer is only recorded together with the information on the connection time. Information the users have willingly sent to Teknopars are exempted.


Person(s) whom you have permitted to access your computer via Alpemix can make all kinds of data transfers (upload to or download from your computer); install or uninstall programs (such as loading viruses and deactivating your virus program); surf on the internet and make all kinds of transactions that can be made on the internet by using your computer and thereby the IP address that has been reserved for you; due to your cookie settings, access your accounts on sites such as Gmail, hotmail and alike which you have left without signing out of the site, even if they do not know your password; and can delete all kinds of registries, files and such data, abide by your authorization during the connection.

Thus we suggest you not to permit any access to your computer without taking necessary security measures and not to permit any person you do not know or trust to access your computer for any reason. Responsibilities regarding the safe use of the program and all the remaining risk are entirely yours in every respect.

We have no liabilities whatsoever for the unavailability of the program because of the lack or tardiness of the internet connection. Obtaining internet connection is the responsibility of the user.

Even if you cannot run Alpemix because of the clash with any hardware or software in your computer and/or if there is any harm to your computer or to the data in your computer because of running Alpemix, Teknopars Bilişim Teknolojileri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. has no liabilities related to the loss of data and hardware, and is not responsible to compensate the loss whatsoever.

Teknopars can delete the account of the users which they do not deem fit for any reason and/or prevent them from entering the system. They can prevent the connection of a certain IP range or the access of computer(s) that have a certain hardware component, to be able to realize this. In such a case, you cannot claim any rights or make any demands.

Because of all these reasons, all the damage, deprivation, profit loss and all other risks caused by the unavailability, insecurity or the application of the program are entirely yours in every respect.

You should not use Alpemix if you do not accept any of these terms.