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How many users should I buy?
In the simplest way:
Payment is made for the support party. There is no need for supported party to be paid. Pro users should be purchased based on the number of support staff. Or will you use it to connect from home to office? You should buy as many as the number of people to connect from home.
Exception - 1:
If you have 1 pro user: You can install the Alpemix service application on 50 computers, allowing access to an unattended computer. If you have 2 pro users, you can install it to 100 computers. There is no limitation for the number of computers in connecting with id password.
Exception - 2:
If more than 2 users will access one computer at the same time, then pro user privilege should be obtained for the computer to be connected. If there is no such need, the connected computer does not need to have pro privilege.