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Alpemix General Module

Both sides can use this module for connection establishment.


Version: 4.2a

File: Alpemix.exe

Size: 1735 KB

AlpemixCMX Customer Module

You can give this module to your customer if you want your logo to appear on the customer screen, or if you want your customer to get support from you by typing their name and surname.


Version: 4.2

File: AlpemixCMX.exe

Size: 1714 KB

AlpemixCM Customer Module

You can provide this module if your customers will login with the user name given by you.


Version: 4.2

File: AlpemixCM.exe

Size: 1714 KB

Alpemix Service
Alpemix Service Application

It allows you to connect to unattended computers at any time.


Version: 4.2

File: AlpemixService.exe

Size: 1714 KB

This module is for pro users.
Video Converter
Alpemix Video Converter Application

Converts recorded support videos to avi format.



Versiyon: 1.0

Dosya: AlpemixVideoConv.exe

Boyut: 13,9 MB

* Even if the keyboard of the computer you are using is different from the computer you are connected to, you can use it without any problems.

* When you connect to computers with more than one monitor, you can watch the monitor you want.

* A different version of the support with name surname module has been developed. In this module, when the customer logs in, they wait for support without seeing the authorities.

* If the support staff is not at the computer, it is automatically shown as out

* An option to use Alt + Tab has been added to the menu.

* The service added to the group with password can be moved to another group with the same password.

* Added option to remove services remotely

* Added option to restore desktop background image after connecting

* Restart and logoff options can also be used when connecting to service applications

* Password protection option has been added for the service installed with id password

* Showing a warning when a message arrives in the private room

* Option to cancel auto scroll has been added to menu

* If the remote connection window is closed due to the internet loss of the other party, it shows as a warning.

* By changing the name of the service application, different options can be installed as default.("Can only be connected with the offer", "Password protection for the menu")

* Services installed with id password option could produce multiple icons on problem computers in the lower right section.Fixed.

* Fixed the issue of constantly re-running the service application on slow computers

* Password of connections made with group password can be saved to the computer.

* When disconnected and reconnected, it can open the previous file transfer location.

* Super admin users can also change the name that appears on the list of the service(installed with group password) from the menu.

* Numerous improvements and additions were made in different subjects.


The application that converts the recorded support videos to avi format is released.

* Added support capability according to department

* Web live support system released

 * it will be able to work with web support software that will release in a short time


 * Added an option that allows support staff to automatically save their correspondence in the Private message section to their computer.


 * Added time information to correspondence in private message section


 * Very crowded user lists loading faster.


 * The Alpemix service application takes itself to the console when connected to the same computer with the windows remote desktop.


 * while connected to multiple locations when the connection breaks rarely some computers may freeze.Fixed.


 * A correction was made about transferring the report to Excel


 * Fixed an issue with the F keyboard


 * Some fixes were made about the contact list

* Multiple companies can connect sub-user based services anymore.


 * Added new options to File Transfer Window: Create directory, change directory name, change folder name


 * Now Alpemix enable to export user-list.


 * Registered email address can be changed anymore.


 * Reports have CUSTOMER NUMBER column.


 * There is an option if you like to make Support ID obligatory to be able to begin for support.


 * Very crowded user lists loading faster.


 * After downloading service, moving or copying to C: part is not necessarry anymore.


 * When internet connection has lost service application icon is still on right down.


 * Remote desktop window has “Windows key + R” and “Windows key + D” functions.


 * ID and PASSWORD also showing on Connection via Name/Lastname screen for any other companies usage.


 * Open files couldn't be transferred while file transfer period. FIXED


 * Copying from remote desktop character limitage has been raised.


 * The name of (Showing username on list) installed service by group password is changable anymore.


 * Installing with username instead of computer name is possible now just with a extra parameter for installing service by group password


 * "Log Off" option added.


 * Closing remote connection process faster now.


 * Running more than 1 CMX module at the same computer have might caused some crashes. FIXED


 * More than once the same .cmx downloading was causing problems like empty -logo and greetings message-. FIXED


 * Contract and Information Form features have not worked while automatically login or triggering Alpemix from companies own software. FIXED


 * There was an error saving Access Password on computer. SOLVED


 * You can see the changes of user status when user search screen is active.


 * Remote connection offer can be rejected as closing chat screen anymore.


 * And many minor improvement

* Unicode character features added for chat and copying text to remote desktop.Now you can write in Russian, Arabic, Chinese etc.


 * New tool has been added to able to check your network condition like package loss and latency.


 * Remote screen can be viewed full screen anymore.


 * You can invite other support staff to your remote session


 * Announcement messages may be sent to all online user groups or sub-groups.


 * Sub groups which are under Co-Worker Group can be restricted to chat only with own sub-group.


 * Users can be moved in some main groups.


 * Your information or agreement text may be showed beginning of CMX and CMXD modules


 * Services can be work ONLY with connection offer.


 * Services can't be closed from Process Manager or Alpemix config file can't be deleted by users.


 * If service password changes when it is online, there will be no need to re-installation.Service password information will be updated automatically.


 * There were some Multi-monitor problems in some situations when connected remote desktop.Fixed.


 * Screen sharing for any certain area can be used for multi-monitors.


 * Supporting has been made suitable for multi-monitors.


 * Alpemix works better on high dpi devices now.


 * 3.7 - The problem of migration on some computers in version 3.6 solved


 * 3.7 - if there are previously downloaded copies of the application when you download again and run the application it was starting too late.Fixed.


 * 3.7 - The main user name can update online service applications with right-clicking on the main groups.


 * 3.7 - "Show mouse cursors automatically on all sessions" option added


 * 3.7 - Added a parameter that allows the CMX module to run with access password from your own software


 * 3.8 - P2P connection could not be established.Fixed.


 * 3.8 - Some minor errors in file transfer have been fixed.


 * 3.8 - The registered entry form was opened small in some rare cases.Fixed.


 * 3.8 - Some problems related to Unicode compatibility have been resolved.

 * For p2p connections file transfer speed has been increased.(both sides must have the last version)


 * Remote support sessions can be automatically recorded and played as video.


 * Working with ID / Password option has been added as third option to service installation.  Detailed information >>


 * Able to automatically install AlpemixService to all computers with Group Policy option has been added.  Detailed information >>


 * When the service application disconnects, no warning window appears on the screen.


 * You can now connect to other computers with access password and connection offer options from service application too.


 * "Save to this computer" option has been added for unattended computer passwords.


 * Even if the Alpemix program is turned off and on, it remembers the last id passwords.


 * Chat texts on the remote screen can be saved automatically on that computer


 * After you select the "Just use it to give support" option you can use drag and drop file transfer and you can see network drives on file transfer window.


 * With the option added to the list screen, you can see your registered email address and your ip and localip information.


 * Added option to see the password for encrypted groups.


 * Only companies that connect over the SSL port have the ability to connect to more servers.


 * The time and group part are saved as separate columns while the reports are saved as a file.


 * Copy and paste to Excel option has been added to the report screens.


 * On the list screen, the chat window can be closed with the ESC key


 * In some cases the chat window could be stuck in the message writing state.Fixed.


 * The program was not sending the empty directories over file transfer.Fixed.


 * In rare cases, the remote desktop window could be opened in a small size on the first connection.Fixed.


 * While connecting to the other party's desktop, if the other party disconnected it could cause the problem.Fixed.


 * In some cases the service application could not update.Fixed.


 * Sometimes there was a problem when two people connected to the same computer and then someone leave from computer.Fixed.

 * You can install AlpemixService with group password


 * You can send texts these have alof of lines from private message


 * You can see IP, Local IP, Computer name info of services with right click option


 * You can also see offline users at search option. Also showing your last search


 * You can view the remote desktop larger than the orginal size


 * Authorized users can use "Appear offline to this person" option for customer users


 * if you connect to customer user you can use the "Close the Alpemix on the other side" option from "Leave message and close" section


 * You can use previously saved messages at "Leave message and close" section


 * You can read support times and details from local text file with your own program


 * At unauthorized computers when the Alpemix starting if you enter admin password it does not ask again for the next starting and it runs with full authority ( Windows 7 )


 * When two support staff connect to the same computer and first connected person close the session other person automatically has mouse authority.


 * if there are too many sub users on the list, in some cases list screen could freeze.Fixed.


 * if any user enter the list with group password or name-surname option and after left a message if he closed the program his message was lost.Fixed.


 * While writing a message if new message comes from any customer user, messages could interfere.Fixed.


 * if any computer has graphic card problem it was sending screenshots very slow. improvement has been made for some computers.


 * Many improvements have been made about the performance and functionality

 * It has been made more compatible with firewalls


 * Group search feature has been added to "add the explain to the connection report" section


 * You will be able to click the URL sended via offline message


 * Connection counts are shown in a special message section. You can obtain connection info with click.


 * Add Connection explain reminder has been made optional


 * Proxy connection settings option has been added to menu of Alpemix Service.


 * The settings menu has been added to the module CMXD


 * if the client can not connect over your Alpemix Proxy Server it try to connect via internet.


 * Very rare on some computers remote desktop window could not been showed.Fixed again.


 * if the Proxy server setting is changed the program automatically try to connect with new settings.


 * New status lines have been added to the local log file.

* The first connection speed has been increased to the main server


 * Improved quality of voice communication in huge screen change


 * After you connect with unattended access password at second connection the program remember the password


 * When you named the remote window ID also changing the windows taskbar caption of this window


 * if the explain has not been added to connection report while closing the remote desktop window warning is given


 * 'Leave message and close' option has been added for connecting with unattended access password


 * When you click the text received from private message 'Copy URL' and 'Open URL' options are shown


 * if the CMX module closed and opened at a certain time it starts with same ID and password without warning message


 * Connected to more than one remote desktop, chat conversations confusion is denied


 * When you change the remote desktop screen resolution wallpaper picture will not appear again


 * Very rare on some computers remote desktop window could not been showed.Fixed.


 * Fixed a problem experienced in image transfer when multiple people connect to a computer at the same time(The person receiving support must have the new version too)


 * Solved the problem about copy/paste from one remote desktop window to other.


 * Additions were made to the local log file

 * Alpemix list load time has been reduced. It means faster login.


 * List updates ( users login-logout changes ) was causing slowness and problems, it's been fixed.


 * An option ( Quick Search ) added to be able to search easily for all users in list.

* Alpemix can be run on by some specific firewall network.


 * Screen and file transfer speed has been raised extremely.( Both Side should have latest version of Alpemix )


 * Alpemix will decide to change connection type rarely anymore. It will make your connection more steady.


 * Your username will be seen on chat area of sported person screen instead of Id.


 * On your Alpemix List, you may apply "Minimize all Sub-Groups" option.( with one click Dont show users in Sub-Groups )


 * Sometimes crash was occurring on some pcs when alpemix remote connection has been closed. This bug has also fixed.


 * After alpemix re-start (close and open) Alpemix asks about "The same id and password". If this option has been chose while No internet connection it was causing an error.It's been also fixed


 * Some forms has been fixed cause of high-dpi bugs


 * Some minor bugs are fixed.